Hello all,

I'm working to set up a new RB install, and I've gotten to the point
where I can post reviews with the 'post-review' command.  However,
when I view the diffs in RB, I get an error because the 'patch'
command has failed.  I've tried several post-commit reviews with
commands like the following, all with the broken patch result:

$ post-review -p -d --server= --revision-
range=20164:20165 --guess-summary --guess-description

The patches are being generated by 'post-review' with commands like
the following, correlated to the above example:

hg diff -r 20164 -r 20165

And, they look to my eye to be pretty run-of-the-mill.  I've purposely
chosen revision ranges with minimal changes.  I've also used the
Mercurial hex blob IDs instead of numeric revision IDs, to no effect.

I'm wondering if this recent bug may be related:

I thought I would ask here first though before making noise on that
bug, to see if I'm missing anything obvious.

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