On Jun 24, 1:28 pm, Gordon Morehouse <gordon.moreho...@gmail.com>
> I've now replicated this on an entirely different RB 1.5 beta 2
> installation running on Debian Lenny.  I will file a bug report.

...and it turns out the bug report was filed against the
documentation, because upon looking at the failed patch files again, I
realized Review Board was trying to apply the diff against the HTML
output from the Mercurial HTTP browseable repo, not the file in
question.  All of this could have been avoided if there were any
documentation on how to set up a Mercurial repo.  It currently doesn't
work over HTTPS or SSH for me (HTTPS with the aforementioned problems,
SSH with a 'no suitable response from remote hg').

Solution:  I've asked in a separate thread whether or not Review Board
supports remote Mercurial repos; for now, mounted a network share from
the server where the hg repos live and replaced the path (formerly an
HTTPS URL) with a filesystem path.

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