I did do a complete fresh install of 1.0.9 on my new server actually,
I was only trying to upgrade the site files.  :-)  It looks like we're
using MySQL on the old server.  Which brings up another question,
which database is recommended for best performance with Review Board?
I'm using Mac OS X Server 10.6 on the new server, and SQLite seems to
have more built-in Python support than the other databases on that
platform.  How would I do the dump/import?  (Or at least where are the
relevant files?)


On Jul 19, 12:05 pm, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> I would recommend doing a complete, fresh install (of the software, not the
> site yet) to start out on the new server, rather than copying Review Board
> files over. Then do an SQL dump of your database (which are you using?) and
> import it onto the new server. Once you've done that, you should be able to
> create a site using rb-site install, and specify the information on your
> database. You my then want to do rb-site upgrade on it just to make sure all
> the migrations happened properly.
> It's hard to say how well it will work, given the age of the software, but
> give it a try. It might work. If it doesn't, we'll look into another
> solution.
> Christian
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> On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 3:47 AM, Ian <email....@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I recently inherited a Review Board server which was last updated some
> > time around June 5, 2008.  I can't find the version of Review Board
> > that's installed anywhere, but judging by the dates I think this would
> > be a pre-alpha 1.0 installation.  I need to migrate it to new hardware/
> > new OS/current RB/etc.  I set up a new server with Review Board 1.0.9,
> > copied the site over, then tried rb-site upgrade, but it didn't like
> > the site (said it couldn't find settings_local.py even though the file
> > is there).  All I really want to do is copy the reviews themselves
> > over; I'm quite happy if I have to redo all the settings and generally
> > recreate the site (in fact I'd almost prefer doing that...).  Can
> > anyone give me a little help?  If it gives you any clue as to which
> > version of Review Board I have, the site's directory looks like this.
> > (ChangeLog, NEWS, README, and __init__.py are all 0 byte files.)
> > $ ls reviewboard
> > AUTHORS                 contrib                 settings.py
> > COPYING                 devserver.sh            settings.pyc
> > ChangeLog               diffviewer              settings_local.py
> > Makefile.am             django_evolution        settings_local.py.tmpl
> > NEWS                    djblets                 settings_local.pyc
> > README                  htdocs                  settings_local.py~
> > __init__.py             iphone                  templates
> > __init__.pyc            m4                      test.py
> > accounts                manage.py               urls.py
> > admin                   reports                 urls.pyc
> > autogen.sh              reviews                 utils
> > conf                    scmtools                webapi
> > configure.ac            server.sh
> > Ian
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