2011/2/7 Chris Clark <chris.cl...@ingres.com>

> Alfred von Campe wrote:
>> We are experiencing a strange hang when viewing one particular review.
>>  When we click on the "View DIff" we get a new web page and the "Files
>> Changed:" section lists all the files that have changed in this particular
>> request.  There are 20 files, and the information for the first 6 is updated
>> in a few seconds.  But then it hangs on the 7th file until we navigate away
>> from the page (my last attempt was about 20 minutes ago and I still have 14
>> spinning circles on the screen).
>> I know I should upgrade to the 1.5.3 release from earlier today, but
>> before I do that I want to try to debug this issue.  The problem is, I don't
>> know where to even start.  BTW, when the user that stumbled across this
>> issue reported it to me last week, I was able to load this particular
>> review, but today it is hanging for me as well.  Always on the same file.
>>  Funny thing is that there is only a very minor change to this file.  (I've
>> tried multiple browsers in case that matters).
> I've had 2 main issues with "slow" diffs:
>  1. database locking (for testing I was using sqlite which is single
>     user and horrible for *large* [10Mb diffs] reviews as multi user
>     concurrency is awful, for most reviews sqlite is actually pretty
>     good).

Yes, and if you use sqlite especially, you're certain to hit this.

Alfred, what are you using for a database?

>  2. "complex" diffs being slow to generate diffs, this is a feature of
>     the batteries includes difflib in python.

So actually, we don't use difflib. We used to, but it's far too limited and
slow. We have our own implementation of the Myers Diff algorithm. It's
possible the same problems still apply, though.


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