> Can you tell me more about your setup (server-side)? In particular:
> * OS/distro
> * Review Board version
> * Memory
> * CPU
> * Python version

Sure, here is our server data:
  CentOS 5.5
  ReviewBoard 1.5
  Memory 2GB
  3.06GHz Intel Xeon
  Python 2.4.3

> Strange. When this happens, can you check the process list and see what's 
> using your CPU?

I let it run all night and it's still "hung".  However, nothing is using the 
CPU (top doesn't show anything and the load average is 0.00, 0.00, 0.00).

> If I had some source file and diff that I could use to test against, that 
> would greatly help. I realize that may be difficult, though.

I may be able to arrange that.  Do you need just the source file/diffs that it 
is stuck on or the files that precede it as well?


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