We are experiencing a strange hang when viewing one particular review.  When we 
click on the "View DIff" we get a new web page and the "Files Changed:" section 
lists all the files that have changed in this particular request.  There are 20 
files, and the information for the first 6 is updated in a few seconds.  But 
then it hangs on the 7th file until we navigate away from the page (my last 
attempt was about 20 minutes ago and I still have 14 spinning circles on the 

I know I should upgrade to the 1.5.3 release from earlier today, but before I 
do that I want to try to debug this issue.  The problem is, I don't know where 
to even start.  BTW, when the user that stumbled across this issue reported it 
to me last week, I was able to load this particular review, but today it is 
hanging for me as well.  Always on the same file.  Funny thing is that there is 
only a very minor change to this file.  (I've tried multiple browsers in case 
that matters).


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