On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 8:28 PM, Alfred von Campe <alf...@von-campe.com>wrote:

> Yes, and if you use sqlite especially, you're certain to hit this.
> Alfred, what are you using for a database?
> We are using MySQL.

Can you tell me more about your setup (server-side)? In particular:

* OS/distro
* Review Board version
* Memory
* Python version

>   2. "complex" diffs being slow to generate diffs, this is a feature of
>>     the batteries includes difflib in python.
> So actually, we don't use difflib. We used to, but it's far too limited and
> slow. We have our own implementation of the Myers Diff algorithm. It's
> possible the same problems still apply, though.
> The strange part is that I got this particular review request to work for
> me at least twice over the weekend (in two different browsers), but now it's
> hanging for me as well as for the user who originally reported it.  And the
> particular file in question is a Makefile with one very minor one-line
> change in it!  I just tried to access it again and it is hanging.  I will
> leave it running overnight to see what happens.

Strange. When this happens, can you check the process list and see what's
using your CPU?

If I had some source file and diff that I could use to test against, that
would greatly help. I realize that may be difficult, though.


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