> Yes, and if you use sqlite especially, you're certain to hit this.
> Alfred, what are you using for a database?

We are using MySQL.  

>   2. "complex" diffs being slow to generate diffs, this is a feature of
>     the batteries includes difflib in python.
> So actually, we don't use difflib. We used to, but it's far too limited and 
> slow. We have our own implementation of the Myers Diff algorithm. It's 
> possible the same problems still apply, though.

The strange part is that I got this particular review request to work for me at 
least twice over the weekend (in two different browsers), but now it's hanging 
for me as well as for the user who originally reported it.  And the particular 
file in question is a Makefile with one very minor one-line change in it!  I 
just tried to access it again and it is hanging.  I will leave it running 
overnight to see what happens.


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