Hi Philipp, 

This looks like a great feature - our dev teams work
by checking in code at the end of each day, so being able to do a
post-commit review over multiple revisions would be a killer feature for
us. I'm currently evaluating the 1.6beta1 version - would there be much
involved in porting your changes up to the 1.6 code base ? 

We use
scmbug to integrate SVN with bugzilla, so our checkin comments have a
consistent format - what would be involved in getting your code to use a
RE pattern to parse bug numbers out of the revision comments and
automatically add them to the review ? 

Looking forward to seeing this
functionality integrated into the main codebase. 


On Thu, 7 Apr
2011 05:32:44 -0700 (PDT), Philipp Henkel wrote: 

> Hi,
> In order
to simplify the creation of post-commit review requests I
> created a
customized version of Review Board 1.5.
> I integrated a new request
creation form into the web user interface
> and extended the Subversion
SCM tool.
> The creation of a new request is now as simple as
> - Select a repository which features post-commit - at the
> Subversion only
> - Hit "Show my pending revisions" to get list
of your latest code
> changes
> - Select one or more of your revisions
from the list
> - Hit "Create" button to automatically build up the
> My changes are fully compatible with Review Board 1.5. I
did not add
> new database tables nor colums. Therefore you can easily
install post-
> reviewboard over your 1.5 installation.
> The source,
more information and a screenshot is available at
http://philipphenkel.github.com/post-reviewboard [1]
> Of course, any
feedback is appreciated!
> Best regards,
> Philipp

[1] http://philipphenkel.github.com/post-reviewboard

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