We've been happily running reviewboard for some time and now tried to 
upgrade from to 1.6.8.
Unfortunately, it was not a immediate success.

Reviewboard upgrade with easy_install goes without errors, but the site 
upgrade fails during Django Evolution.

[start of log]

$ rb-site upgrade /path/to/reviewboard
Rebuilding directory structure
Updating database. This may take a while.
DeprecationWarning: Short names for ENGINE in database configurations are 
deprecated. Prepend default.ENGINE with 'django.db.backends.'
Creating tables ...
Creating table hostingsvcs_hostingserviceaccount
Upgrading Review Board from to 1.6.8
There are unapplied evolutions for scmtools.
Adding baseline version for new models
Project signature has changed - an evolution is required
Installing custom SQL ...
Installing indexes ...
No fixtures found.
RandomPool_DeprecationWarning: This application uses RandomPool, which is 
BROKEN in older releases.  See http://www.pycrypto.org/randpool-broken
The stored evolutions do not completely resolve all model changes.
Run `./manage.py evolve --hint` to see a suggestion for the changes 

The following are the changes that could not be resolved:
In model reviews.Comment:
    Field 'issue_opened' has been added
    Field 'issue_status' has been added
In model reviews.Review:
    Field 'file_attachment_comments' has been added
In model reviews.ReviewRequest:
    Field 'inactive_file_attachments' has been added
    Field 'file_attachments' has been added
In model reviews.ScreenshotComment:
    Field 'issue_opened' has been added
    Field 'issue_status' has been added
In model reviews.ReviewRequestDraft:
    Field 'inactive_file_attachments' has been added
    Field 'file_attachments' has been added
In model accounts.Profile:
    Field 'is_private' has been added
Error: Your models contain changes that Django Evolution cannot resolve 

[end of log]

Running `./manage.py evolve --hint` from the .egg/reviewboard directory 
'Unable to import settings_local.py: No module named settings_local'

The file settings_local.py is at the reviewboard site directory, and 
symlinking it under .egg/reviewboard/ changes the result so that the 
`./manage.py evolve --hint` seems to run correctly. However, rb-site 
upgrade does work any better.

Apparently running the evolution manually with parameters '--hint 
--execute' would be a Really Bad Idea, so I did not try that.

So it would seem that the problem would be related to the upgrade script 
being unable to locate the settings_local.py correctly, but I can't 
pinpoint where the problem lies. Any ideas?

Environment details:
Linux 2.6.32-21-server #32-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 16 09:17:34 UTC 2010 x86_64 
GNU/Linux Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS
Running the following versions: Apache (2.2.14-5ubuntu8.8), MySQL 
(5.1.41-3ubuntu12), Python (2.6.5-0ubuntu1)

Upgrade history of reviewboard in this server:
1.6beta1 -> 1.6 ->

-Antti Paajoki

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