Contents of  /etc/httpd/conf.d/reviewboard.conf -> 

<VirtualHost *:80>
        DocumentRoot "/var/www/reviewboard/htdocs"

        # Error handlers
        ErrorDocument 500 /errordocs/500.html

        WSGIPassAuthorization On
        WSGIScriptAlias "/" "/var/www/reviewboard/htdocs/reviewboard.wsgi/"

        <Directory "/var/www/reviewboard/htdocs">
                AllowOverride All
                Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks
                Allow from all

        # Alias static media requests to filesystem
        Alias /media "/var/www/reviewboard/htdocs/media"
        Alias /errordocs "/var/www/reviewboard/htdocs/errordocs"
        Alias /favicon.ico 

On Monday, July 2, 2012 5:12:06 AM UTC-7, laxmi wrote:
> Getting the following error when connected to http://<ip> from remote  or 
> http://localhost from the machine locally. I already checked
> and the permissions are as recommended below for the folders. Please 
> advice what else can be checked and what I am missing.
> Thanks,
> Laxmi
> Data directory changes
> Your site's data directory isn't properly set up. This directory is where 
> Review Board will store various state and configuration needed to access 
> repositories.
> Your data directory is currently at: /var/www/
> Permission problems
> The data directory must be writable by the web server. On Linux/Unix/Mac, 
> you can fix this by typing:
>     $ sudo chown -R apache "/var/www/"
> On Windows, right-click the data directory and change the ownership to 
> apache.

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