On Wed, 2012-07-18 at 12:15 -0700, Christian Hammond wrote:
> So here's the current plan. 1.6.10 will be happening over the next few
> days. I have a bug to fix with extensions and a couple changes to
> still get in for 1.7, but I'll shoot for a beta this weekend. I'd like
> to follow with an RC in the next month and a release shortly after.
> This will depend on quality (and some deadlines I have elsewhere), but
> I'd like us to be standardizing on 1.7 very soon, as there are some
> amazing changes in it.

Hey, that's fantastic! That will line up well with the Fedora schedule.
We're going alpha (features must be testable) on August 7th and then
beta (features should be ready for release) on October 2nd. So it sounds
like I'll be able to get ReviewBoard into F18 after all.

I was a little concerned I would have to pull RB out of Fedora 18,
because it's shipping with Django 1.4, on which ReviewBoard 1.6 cannot

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