We upgraded a few weeks ago to 1.6.11 and we've hit a few minor problems.

For IE users when they edit the description the newlines disappear and they 
get one massive line of text. Some times this occurs when viewing the 
description too and not editing. The IE compatibility mode usually helps 
with the display issue but not editing. I'm promoting Chrome and FF (15) 
internally to avoid both issues :-)

I've had a few people with older FF version (3.6) where they can't 
edit/publish/discard reviews they started (e.g. comments on other peoples 
or their own review). Using FF 15 or Chrome has worked in most cases. I 
just now had a user tell me the are using FF 15.0.1 and they've had issues 
hitting the Publish button too.

We've hit http://code.google.com/p/reviewboard/issues/detail?id=2728 too 
but I think I have a fix for that (without migrating to 1.7 beta)

What kind of information can I get to help diagnose what is going on? For 
the FF 3.6 case I have a dump of what the web browser showed (which showed 
no www errors), see end of message for that. I've seen the IE newline issue 
(over someones shoulder) so I think I can probably get more information 
about that one.



FF 3.6 error:

Error Code: 200

Error Text: OK

Request URL: 

Request Data: (none)

Response Data:

There may be useful error details below. The following error page may be 
useful to your system administrator or when reporting a bug. To save the 
page, right-click the error below and choose "Save Page As," if available, 
or "View Source" and save the result as a .html file.

Warning: Be sure to remove any sensitive material that may exist in the 
error page before reporting a bug!

ok 0 
GET http://MYREVIEWBOARDSERVERADDR/api/review-requests/16046/reviews/33072/ 
GET http://MYREVIEWBOARDSERVERADDR/api/review-requests/16046/reviews/33072/ 
GET http://MYREVIEWBOARDSERVERADDR/api/review-requests/16046/reviews/33072/ 
DELETE 2012-09-24 06:18:30 33072 0 

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