I'm trying to setup ReviewBoard to work with Gitlab repository. Since 
Gitlab has a web front end API, From everything I've read so far, seems the 
most straightforward integration would be to specify a Raw File URL mask in 
the repository setup.

However, I've run into a bit of a problem. It looks like for <revision> 
placeholder, RB server will pass in file blob's SHA1, but Gitlab API wants 
the client to pass in SHA1 of the commit.  So far in all my 
searching/googling I haven't found a way to either modify RB to pass in 
SHA1 of the commit or a different Gitlab HTTP URL that would accept SHA1 of 
the file blob.

Are you aware of anyone else that successfully integrated Gitlab with 
ReviewBoard? Could I be missing something fundamentally easy?

Or is my only option to setup a cron job that would periodically update 
local repository on the RB server

thank you

-- Dennis

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