Well, this is interesting...

$ cat /var/log/reviewboard/rbssh-61048.log 
12-18 13:56 root               DEBUG    ['/usr/bin/rbssh', '<svn 
hostname>', 'svnserve', '-t']
12-18 13:56 root               DEBUG    PID 61048
12-18 13:56 root               DEBUG    !!! <svn hostname>, _www, 
['svnserve', '-t']

Does this mean it's trying to run a command as _www? This is the user that 
the web server runs as, but it's not the user that I configured the 
repository to use!

On Tuesday, December 18, 2012 12:37:35 PM UTC-8, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi,
> What version were you using before that worked? Nothing has changed with 
> SSH in a few releases. Did anything else change? Subversion version?
> This sounds more like the server dropped the connection during our access. 
> I wouldn't be able to tell you why.
> You'll probably need to add the environment variables to your 
> reviewboard.wsgi file in your site's htdocs folder. Otherwise, it won't 
> carry over.
> Being able to see the SVN path you're trying to use would help a lot.
> Christian

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