I am getting error with h as well. In order to verify if there is some 
issue with the setup can you please let me know what command reviewboard is 
running to verify the revision. I may try to run the command manually on my 
reviewboard server. I ran strace as well on post-review but could not 
figure out why this is failing so I have set up the repo using a local 
clone on the RB server and have not set any RAW File URL mask. The setup 
with local clone works fine.

I would prefer to use the git clone URL for Path and Gitweb URL as RAW file 
URL mask so I don't have to worry about keeping the local repo on RB server 
up to date.

In order to help debug this can you please tell me what git command review 
board runs to check the existance of the version for a remote repo. I will 
try to run it manually on the RB server to see what the output is and if it 
is related so some server issue.



> As Christian indicated, RB doesn't have a commit SHA. Per 
> https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/reviewboard/ajn8-zQ7Zn0, 
> it may be that you need to use 'h=' rather than 'hb=' with your gitweb 
> instance. 
> -- 
> Matthew 

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