Could you please give me some more detail on the HTTP request being sent. I 
think the issue is that that request is not getting completed sucessfully. 
I modified the diff file and changed the file SHA to commit SHA and got 
error about the commit SHA version not found. The problem could be related 
to the server setup and I could check and see what the http request returns.

For now i have RB working with a local clone but would like to get the 
gitweb setup working,

> RB does not run a git command. It issues an HTTP request for the raw 
> blob using the blob's path in the repository and the /blob's/ SHA. The 
> commit SHA is not known. 
> Where you previously stated that your gitweb expects a commit SHA is the 
> problem; it must be able to fetch a revision of a file using the blob 
> SHA, or you are out of luck. 
> That said, gitweb should have this capability. Usually if you are having 
> problems there is a problem with your raw file URL template. 
> -- 
> Matthew 

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