Hi Stephen,

2.2.1 is the last version of markdown that works with Python 2.5, which is why 
that one is hard-coded. I bumped the non-py2.5 version to 2.3.1 for support 
reasons, so everyone's on at least the (current) latest version.

If that's causing real problems, it can be brought down to 2.2.1, but I do want 
to get in the habit of supporting newer versions and not having such a wide 
range of supported dependencies. That's bit us in the past (and, lately, has 
been biting us with Mercurial).


Stephen Gallagher wrote:
On 06/25/2013 07:56 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
Hi everyone,

I just put out a release of Review Board 1.7.11. It's a minor release
that fixes Python 2.5 compatibility and a small visual bug with HTML
entities on IE9.

For those still running on Python 2.5, I highly recommend upgrading to
Python 2.7 as soon as it's convenient. We will be dropping 2.5 support
for RB 1.8.



Christian, can you explain the requirement jump to markdown 2.3.1? From
the patch that changed it, I see this:

+elif sys.hexversion<  0x02060000:
+    markdown_requirement = 'markdown==2.2.1'
+    markdown_requirement = 'markdown>=2.3.1'

That suggests to me that it's still acceptable to use 2.2.1 with

This is causing me issues on our OpenShift reference gear, because
OpenShift itself is written in Python and has a hard requirement on
markdown 2.2.1. So even though we're running python 2.6 in the gear, we
have a global copy of markdown 2.2.1 that we cannot replace (no permission).

Given how new 2.3.x is, unless you absolutely need it, could we replace
that with:
+elif sys.hexversion<  0x02060000:
+    markdown_requirement = 'markdown==2.2.1'
+    markdown_requirement = 'markdown>=2.2.1'

That way it will hold to 2.2.1 on old Python and use the latest
*available* one on newer python? On most easy_install invocations, this
will still pull in 2.3.1.

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