On 06/28/2013 02:29 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> 2.2.1 is the last version of markdown that works with Python 2.5, which
> is why that one is hard-coded. I bumped the non-py2.5 version to 2.3.1
> for support reasons, so everyone's on at least the (current) latest
> version.
> If that's causing real problems, it can be brought down to 2.2.1, but I
> do want to get in the habit of supporting newer versions and not having
> such a wide range of supported dependencies. That's bit us in the past
> (and, lately, has been biting us with Mercurial).

Well, as a rule it would be best if you try to keep version bumps like
that to major releases (like 1.8). It's often difficult even for a
fast-moving distro like Fedora to have the absolute latest version of
every package, especially one like Markdown which is used by a LOT of

Ideally, unless you're knowingly relying on a newer feature, it's better
not to force the update.

Markdown 2.3 landed in March, but the Fedora maintainer apparently
decided not to put it into Fedora 19 (it's currently only available for
Fedora 20+), which leads me to believe[*] it may not be fully
backwards-compatible and therefore may cause problems with other
packages on the system.

[*] As a general rule, Fedora is pretty bleeding edge. If a maintainer
decided not to put 2.3 into Fedora 19 which gets released *next week*, I
assume it was for a darn good reason. He had the Fedora 20 builds of it
in since March, so the decision not to backport it to Fedora 19 was
clearly a conscious choice.

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