On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 11:32 AM, Matthew Woehlke

> On 2013-08-15 17:38, Christian Hammond wrote:
>> New version of RBTools, with some new features, some bug fixes, and some
>> usability improvements.
>> The highlights include git-p4 support, better errors, new tools, and some
>> important changes to support Bitbucket Git repositories with the upcoming
>> Review Board 1.7.13 release.
> So I took a look at api-get, but can't figure out how to get individual
> fields out of a request. Am I missing something? (Note: I need to do this
> in shell, and don't know of an easy way to parse JSON in shell; I was
> hoping rbt would do that for me...)
> --
> Matthew

Hey Matthew,

That should be possible to add, but if you're going to need more than one
value from a given JSON payload, it's not going to be efficient on your
server. Every api-get request involves at minimum 2 HTTP requests to the
server (one for the root resource, and one for the actual resource you pass
in). The server then needs to handle that request, which will involve
possibly several database queries (depending on the complexity of the
resource). Calling api-get on the same resource repeatedly is just going to
add more load to the server, and you may even end up with the data changing
on you in the process (depending on the resource).

What I'd recommend is doing the api-get, and then using a command line JSON
parser intended for scripting. One such tool is jq:


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