On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 12:43 PM, Matthew Woehlke <mwoehlke.fl...@gmail.com>

> On 2013-10-17 15:31, Christian Hammond wrote:
>> [...] our plate's pretty full right now trying to get RB 2.0 ready to
>> ship.
> Wait... what happened to 1.8? :-)
> If you're really planning a major version bump (i.e. that wasn't a typo),
> is there a page somewhere with at least a brief overview of what's changing
> to warrant the major version bump? (Also, what new features there will be?)

1.8 is becoming 2.0.

Here's a brief summary of what's changed since 1.7:

* We've completely rewritten the entire JavaScript codebase to allow for
better maintenance, feature development, and extensibility. This is a 100%
rewrite. It'll allow us to do some pretty dang cool things.

* Given the rewrite, we have fewer cases where the entire page has to
reload after some event (like publishing a reply to a review). We're going
to reduce reloads more as we go forward.

* Extensions have been massively improved as well. Building and packaging
static media is now trivial (not just easy -- trivial). There are more
things to hook into.

* There are now JavaScript-side extensions, for things like augmenting the
comment dialog. More will come in time, as we find good use cases. These
are also trivial to get going, as it just requires a JavaScript file
bundled with the extension and 2 fields filled out in the Extension class
(the name of the JavaScript file and the name of the RB.Extension subclass
in JavaScript).

* Review UIs (which can be provided by extensions) can now show up within
the diff viewer, allowing for custom review UIs for binary files.

* Review UIs can also provide diffing UIs.

* With the two above, we now display uploaded images in the diff viewer,
and offer a few ways to show the differences between them. You can comment
on the image diff.

* The diff viewer has a cleaner look to it, and shows new information, such
as the complexity of a given change through new complexity graphs we've
added, which concisely show the relative numbers of replaces, inserts,
deletes, and percentage of the file changed.

* The diff viewer loads faster and it's faster to switch revisions or show
interdiffs, thanks to the new revision selector.

* Easy post-commit support was added for many types of repositories. You
can now click New Review Request, select the repository, the branch, and
click a commit, and that commit will go up for review. No need to use rbt
post with --revision-range.

* Comments and a review request's Description and Testing Done fields now
support Markdown. That means a comment can include an image, or
syntax-highlighted code samples, or what have you.

* Things load faster all around now. We've reduced the number of file
downloads for any given page considerably. We also get some speed benefits
from upgrading to Django 1.5.

* The UI is now completely localizable.

So we felt it was worth a version bump.


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