barry@R0150313:~/cvs/repo/QReadsApp$ cvs -d 
:pserver:m022927@R0199562:/QREADS5_1_repo checkout QReadsApp
cvs server: Updating QReadsApp
U QReadsApp/.classpath
U QReadsApp/.cvsignore
U QReadsApp/.project
U QReadsApp/.runtime
U QReadsApp/
U QReadsApp/edu/mayo/qreads/device/
cvs server: Updating QReadsApp/eehTmp
cvs server: Updating QReadsApp/icons
cvs server: Updating QReadsApp/images
U QReadsApp/images/wmp.bmp
cvs server: Updating QReadsApp/routeLists
barry@R0150313:~/cvs/repo/QReadsApp$ ls
barry@R0150313:~/cvs/repo/QReadsApp$ cd QReadsApp
barry@R0150313:~/cvs/repo/QReadsApp/QReadsApp$ ls
build.xml      log4j.dtd            picn6220.dll
CVS            log4j.xml            picn6320.dll
edu            mcaRouteList.config  picn6520.dll
eehTmp         mcfRouteList.config  qreadsBuild.xml
icons          mcrRouteList.config  QReadsJniKit.dll
images         META-INF             routeLists
jmjpeg.dll     PegJniKit.dll
jmutil.dll     picn20.dll
barry@R0150313:~/cvs/repo/QReadsApp/QReadsApp$ cat CVS/Root

On Friday, November 8, 2013 11:23:48 AM UTC-6, Barry Novinger wrote:
> After exploring the existing topics and trying a number of things I 
> decided to post for specific help.
> Just recently downloaded reviewboard 1.7.16
> using mysql, apache mod_wsgi following the best instructions I can find.
> I can add a local CVS repository to reviewboard but not the teams remote 
> CVSNT repository.
> I can also access the teams CVSNT repository from the ubuntu shell.  using 
> cvs -d :pserver:user@host:/repo login
> Let me know if you need anything for diagnostics or have anything you 
> recommend me checking or trying 
> Thanks,

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