I suppose a brief summary, because it seems confusing reading it.

The directory on the svn machine goes


Likewise, to access this all, it's 


The user's machine one which RBTools is installed has a directory of 

/dfs/*User*/*RepositoryName_*repo_p14. Which I presume is a checkout of the 
directory under branches/. When I run "svn info" in that directory I get 
the result in the post above.

The .reviewboardrc file lists the primary repository name. And despite 
presumably working in a checkout of a directory under branches, the "rbt 
post" command seems to me to be configured (through .reviewboardrc) to want 
to post to the top level of the repository itself. Not sure how Subversion 
handles/cares for that.

The five directories in ReviewBoard are

Path <http://mercury/admin/db/scmtools/repository/?o=2>
Show this repository <http://mercury/admin/db/scmtools/repository/?o=4>
SvnDirectoryhttps://*SvnServer*/*SvnDirectory*/ [image: True]
*RepositoryName*/branches/20131209-repo-P14 [image: True]RepositoryName
-Trunkhttps://*SvnServer*/*SvnDirectory*/*RepositoryName*/trunk [image: 
True]Results Viewerhttps://*SvnServer*/*SvnDirectory*/results_viewer/trunk/ 
https://*SvnServer*/*SvnDirectory*/*RepositoryName*/ [image: False]

5 Repositories

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