Hi Stephen Gallagher,
I have changed ldap:// to ldaps:// and http:// to https://. But its still 
not working saying *"WARNING -  - LDAP error: {'info': 'A TLS packet with 
unexpected length was received.', 'desc': "Can't contact LDAP server"}"*

I don't know why its happening, I received certificate from System Admin 
and placed it in /etc/ssl/certs/ and set path to "TLS_CACERT    
/etc/ssl/certs/dc4.cer" in ldap.conf.

Please help


On Friday, June 27, 2014 8:46:07 PM UTC+5:30, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> On 06/24/2014 03:38 AM, Kuldeep singh wrote: 
> > Hi Stephen, 
> > 
> > I provided Bind User credentials but now error log displaying different 
> > *[Tue Jun 24 07:26:53 2014] [error] WARNING:root:LDAP error: {'info': 
> > '00002028: LdapErr: DSID-0C090203, comment: The server requires binds to 
> > turn on integrity checking if SSL\\\\TLS are not already active on the 
> > connection, data 0, v23f0', 'desc': 'Strong(er) authentication 
> required'} 
> > * 
> > Please let me know if any server certificate required for 
> authentication. 
> > 
> Yes, what your server is doing is telling you that it won't allow you to 
> bind over an unencrypted connection. This means that you need to set 
> Review Board up to use either an ldaps:// (SSL) connection or use TLS. 
> This will also mean setting up your Review Board server to be capable of 
> trusting the CA certificate that was used to sign the LDAP server 
> certificate (this has to be left as an exercise to the reader, as it's 
> different on different systems, even different Linux systems. Contact 
> your system administrator for help) 

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