My Workaround:

I have the same problem but found a workaround inspired by Alexis' debug 

Add the new repository with "Show this repository" option unchecked. 
Afterwards got directly to the database and change the visible flag for the 
repository in the table  scmtools_repository to 1.

On Tuesday, July 8, 2014 11:25:40 AM UTC+2, shravanthi s wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installed Review Board 2.0.2 on RHEL 6.5 machine. I installed 
> subversion 1.6.11 and pysvn version 1.7.8. 
> However when i tried to add a repository, even though my login credentials 
> are correct, am unable to add it. It gives an error 'Authentication failed' 
> . So currently review board is unusable.
> The reviewboard log shows error as below
>  ERROR -  - SVN: Failed to get repository information for 
> callback_get_login required
> Am not sure what is going wrong here. Anything to do with my pysvn 
> version"?

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