This seems to be getting overly complex...  With the RBTools installed on 
the VisualSVN server running Win2008R2, and the certificate now a valid 
cert instead of self gen'd, should the rbt call be running as a 
post-commit? It seems like what is happening is the RBT call is trying to 
access the repo at the https URL and failing from authentication. In 
reviewing other comments I have yet to hear from anyone using VisualSVN to 
RB so I am a bit concerned at its success.. I believe the post-commit is 
being run as the apache user and not with the credentials for the 
submitting user, which may explain the failure but there does not appear to 
be a mechanism to force credentials in the --repository-url call. Using the 
file:// syntax seems to imply it needs a working copy and not the actual 
SVN storage location. 


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