Hi all,

We have just upgraded our installation of RB to 2.0.7. One nice new feature 
is that the dashboard now displays the number of open issues in a review 

However, I have noticed that the counters don't seem to be accurate in some 
request. For example, one of the review requests has 4 reviews with 
ship-its, with 2 of them making a comment on the code which were not marked 
as issues. Yet, the status displayed in the dashboard is "1 open issue". I 
verified this in admin/database/review requests, and this review request is 
indeed recorded as having "ship-it count: 4" and "open issue count: 1".

I am not sure if this was a 1.7 bug, or if it was caused by the upgrade  - 
the request and some of the reviews were submitted before the RB upgrade. 
However, I am not sure if the rest of the counters are valid - going 
through all the requests and verifying them manually is obviously a lot of 
work. So, is there a way to make RB recalculate these counters - like it 
was with the dashboard counters and the "rb-site manage /path/to/site 
fixreviewcounts" command?

As a side note, it seems that the 'rb-site --help' message does not mention 
the 'manage' command at all. Is it intentional or an oversight?


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