Hi Griffin,

Yes that got around it for me, particularly the "not generically point to 
the root of the repo." thank you very much for your help.

In between there was another issue where it explicitly failed on a single 
file which it again complained about, but this was an empty file (i.e. size 
0kB), being an empty file I removed it from the repo which fixed that.

Whilst I've got the review posted now it would be nice (for me) if there 
was a way to post a review from the root of the repo as the changes I want 
to post for review span multiple folders within the same svn repo. Unless 
there is a way to post a review spanning multiple folders within a single 
repo? I've searched on here for that answer and couldn't find a way to do 
it. I did try posting a review then updating the review with rbt post -r 
##### then the next folder path but this removed the original files for 
review (obviously).

Thanks again Griffin

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