Hi Griffin,

That's an interesting way to work on a branch and then merge to trunk (but 
don't commit) then post a pre-commit review. I'll try it out here, thanks 
for the idea!

We've found another way around the original problem here too: the root 
cause of the problem is an rbt diff can't fully resolve moved svn files, 
however, an svn diff can. So we've found that performing an svn diff across 
the revision range, dumping this to file, and then doing an rbt post 
--diff-filename .... works really well. 

I've seen quite a few questions posted on here about how to handle svn 
moved files and this method has certainly worked across all of the problem 
repos I've come across.

Interestingly, we use loads of svn externals here but I've not had a single 
problem with them! 

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