Some additional information after further experimentation:

* I tried upgrading from the same 1.7.27 database to 2.0.18. This worked 
perfectly fine. I ran compressdiffs afterwards as suggested, that worked 
* I then tried upgrading from 2.0.18 to 2.5.2, but got the same "Can't 
create table 'reviewboard.#xxxx'" error.

Next I scripted the upgrade from 1.7.27 to 2.5.2, and tried a few 
variations, including location of the database, etc.
The process is:
1) Create empty database
2) Restore my 1.7.27 database
3) Run rb-site upgrade

That reliably triggers the "Can't create table" error. However, if I add 
one step:
1) Create empty database
1.5) Run rb-site install
2) Restore my 1.7.27 database
3) Run rb-site upgrade

Then the "Can't create table" error is avoided, and it manages to apply 
many django evolutions. Eventually it fails with:
CommandError: Error applying evolution: (1050, "Table 
'reviews_reviewrequest_file_attachment_histories' already exists")
which is not entirely unexpected since I ran rb-site install which likely 
created that table.

I am using mariadb-5.5.44 on CentOS 7.1.


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