In a project we're using subversion as our SCM. Since I like the GitHub 
review style very much, I would like to do the same with reviewboard.
For this the planned process would look like the following:

- The "master" branch is trunk
- All code changes are done within separate feature branches (e.g. under 
branches/features) like in GitHub
- Normally one developer is working on a feature branch
- Only reviewed and shipit code can be committed/merged to trunk

I would use two SVN hooks for this.

Feature branch hook:
- Post-Commit hook
- Only listens to changes under branches/features
- Takes the feature branch name (myfancyfeaturebranch) and checks it 
against the "branch" field in reviewboard
- If no review request exists for the branch field, it creates a draft 
review request, setting the branch field to feature branch name
- As a diff, it sends the whole changes from the feature branch start to 
- Subsequent commits will find the existing draft review request (by branch 
field) and update it with the complete diff
- Once the developer is finished, he manually published the review request.
- Other developers start the review and leave comments/issues
- From there on, additional commits to the feature branch will only update 
the review request with the current revision diff
- Still, identification is done by the feature branch field
- If the review request gets the ship it, the developer can merge/commit it 
to trunk

Trunk hook:
- Pre-Commit hook
- Only listens to changes under trunk
- Checks for the commit message if there is a "review: <number>" in it
- If it isn't valid, the commit is aborted. Invalid states are:
  - none is specified
  - the review id does not exist
  - the review submitter isn't the same person
  - the review has no shipit
  - etc.
- After the merge is complete, the review request is deleted (or marked 

My question is, is that somehow possible with the latest reviewboard?

I took the contrib svnhook which already uses rbt and managed it to send 
the whole diff for a feature branch and to set the branch field.
What is left is to be able to query reviewboard for review requests for a 
specific branch field and maybe status (shipit flag etc.).
Is that somehow possible with rbt? I tried to use api-get, but that is 
complaining about a non-existing working copy. Since it is a
svnhook, it does not have a working copy at all :). So, can I use rbt 
api-get for my scenario at all? What are the alternatives for that?
Using the plain REST api? I'm not a python developer  and I'm not keen on 
becoming one ;).

For the trunk hook, I already found some hooks via google that almost do 
the same as I planned. But I think they use the (old?) json
style web api. Is it still supported and recommended? Are there 



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