In order to have persistency across server reboots, the Docker container 
must have volumes set with the relevant folders, otherwise, when restarted, 
it might recreate those folders, thus restarting the install of ReviewBoard 
in a different location.

I've tested with having those volumes, and it seems to work. rb-site 
install does not complain that they exist, it just uses them. 

The SECRET_KEY is not affected by this. I just asked to have some of the 
directories created before the actual install or RB, for persistence.

vineri, 8 iulie 2016, 22:00:57 UTC+3, Christian Hammond a scris:
> rb-site install should be responsible for creating the site directory, 
> which is separate from the Review Board package's contents. There must not 
> be anything at the location you're trying to install to.
> It's also crucial that you allow it to generate the 
> file. The SECRET_KEY setting must be unique between deployments (though 
> must be consistent across all deployments using the same database). 
> Otherwise you present security issues (if two companies have the same 
> key) or compatibility issues (if scaling out and using the same database 
> with different keys).
> Christian
> On Friday, July 8, 2016, Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN < 
> <javascript:>> wrote:
>> Now I'm having issues in creating the relevant volumes:
>>    - reviewboard/htdocs/media
>>    - reviewboard/htdocs/static
>>    - reviewboard/data
>> Are these the only directories that need to be persistent? Besides the 
>> database.
>> I see that *rb-site install* complains if those directories already 
>> exist. Is there a way around that?
>> vineri, 8 iulie 2016, 15:01:16 UTC+3, Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN a scris:
>>> I've updated the image, and the README with a better usage guide.
>>> Docker Hub image link:
>>> vineri, 8 iulie 2016, 14:18:37 UTC+3, Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN a scris:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I've managed to fix it. Apparently there are 2 ext directories, one in 
>>>> media and one in static.
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