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Change subject: Create base class for MiniCluster and ExternalMiniCluster

Patch Set 6:


File src/kudu/integration-tests/external_mini_cluster.h:

Line 143:   void Shutdown(ClusterNodes nodes) override;
> I feel like this is a case where a default argument (ALL) would be nice, si
I feel your pain, but since this C++ is a pain about default arguments with 
polymorphism. The default argument is associated with the static type of the 

It's quite gross, so either we set the default = ALL in the superclass and base 
classes, and just make sure that nobody makes them inconsistent over time, or 
we live with having to pass an argument. I chose the latter since I thought the 
former was kind of nerve wracking.

File src/kudu/integration-tests/mini_cluster_base.h:

PS6, Line 36: Base class for MiniCluster implementations
> I think we should also make interfaces for Master and TabletServer (and may
sounds alright, but I don't have a use case for it so let's defer

Line 39: class MiniClusterBase {
> I don't mean to bikeshed, but I think it would be great if this were just c
I would tend to agree but I don't want to make this change as part of this 
commit since this is pretty yak shavey.

Line 54: 
> I think you can add GetLeaderMasterIndex() too; it's common across both clu
would prefer to defer this to when we need it

Line 61:   virtual Status CreateClient(client::KuduClientBuilder* builder,
> style: I don't think using a pointer to denote 'optional' is the best. This
This is tough to do because KuduClientBuilder is a PIMPLed class and is not 
copyable or movable, and needs to be modified by the callee (can't be const). 
So I don't think I can pass it in via an optional, unless I make it a 
ptr-to-optional, which would be painful.

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