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Change subject: KUDU-2230: java: sync client exception stack traces should make 

Patch Set 2:

> Patch Set 2:
> > I was thinking that "suppressed" more accurately conveys that it's probably 
> > irrelevant to what the user should look at, vs a normal "cause". Happy to 
> > use cause if y'all think it is less strange.
> With "cause", do the stack traces become totally unwieldy?

Actually I just remembered why I didn't switch the cause. The cause of an 
exception can only be set once using 'initCause' and not replaced later. So, to 
use 'cause', we'd need to instantiate a new KuduException in the 
transformException function.

In order to do so, we'd have two options:

a) use some reflection to figure out which KuduException subclass we had and 
try to re-instantiate the same one. That seems ugly.
b) use clone() and make sure that all KuduException subclasses are Cloneable. 
Also kind of a pain, no?

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