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(Updated April 6, 2016, 4:03 p.m.)

Review request for mesos, Benjamin Hindman and Kapil Arya.

Bugs: MESOS-4610

Repository: mesos


The master_detector and master_contender flags allow modules to be
used for specifying the MasterContender and MasterDetector
implementations to use.

Diffs (updated)

  src/master/flags.hpp f8d2cc4c6c8dab00e34ca737dbcb5b9ca3870d6d 
  src/master/flags.cpp 06852c9de68cce5d40f294f6402f7677ee6183d3 
  src/master/main.cpp 181bbcb1758c0e9b83ef46496e990ce3d8c2195c 
  src/slave/flags.hpp 69e1b01e09d2a15bee5e0745b751f47aaefe3fbe 
  src/slave/flags.cpp 315cf47d268bce0a0255a061d64e414c736c8125 
  src/slave/main.cpp dc3a2d2908ec08df60651dec6bf8eac651579cea 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/44670/diff/


In addition to all unit tests passing, we are currently using this 
functionality in our environment with a custom consensus stack. In our world, 
we have a C++ plugin that calls out to an HTTP REST service (implemented in 
Java/Scala, not that it matters).


Anurag Singh

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