Github user marmbrus commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -77,31 +79,32 @@ class MicroBatchExecution(
         val _logicalPlan = analyzedPlan.transform {
    -      case streamingRelation@StreamingRelation(dataSourceV1, sourceName, 
output) =>
    -        toExecutionRelationMap.getOrElseUpdate(streamingRelation, {
    +      case s @ StreamingRelation(dsV1, sourceName, output) =>
    --- End diff --
    If you are touching that specific code then its fine to fix the style, but 
in general I tend to agree that it makes the diff harder to read and commit 
harder to back port if you include spurious changes.
    I've even seen guidelines that specifically prohibit fixing style just to 
fix style since it obfuscates the history.


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