Github user srowen commented on the issue:
    This certainly looks like a bug fix. I don't know this area well, but I 
don't see an argument here that the current behavior is correct. Right?
    When we say we don't back-port behavior changes, we mean "changes in what 
is meant to be correct behavior". All bug fixes change behavior, but to restore 
correct behavior. So I don't see an argument against back-porting because it's 
a behavior change. 
    Of course, sometimes practical concerns override that. If we thought 
programs were relying on the 'wrong' behavior then we'd have to think twice 
about correcting it. I don't see that argument being made here, but, I'm not 
sure? There is evidence the 'wrong' behavior is impacting users though?
    @gatorsmile I must say I don't understand your position here, can you 
clarify? So far standard practice here says this is a reasonable backport. 
What's different here?


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