Github user gatorsmile commented on the issue:
    > This case specifically collect in PySpark doesn't work alone whereas all 
other actions like foreach, show and other cases in other languages works in 
all other APIs. Also, that's what a query execution listener describes. Do you 
believe you would make this exception for PySpark specifically in any case?
    To improve the usability, we should change it in the master branch. My 
point is we should not backport this PR to 2.3 release. 
    > Let's open a discussion in the mailing list and see if we can see the 
agreement. I think this was not the first time we talked about this and think 
it's better to open a proper discussion and make a decision.
    Sure, let me lead the discussion in the dev channel and welcome you to add 
the inputs there. Next, we should also discuss the rule which PRs can be 
backported to RC branches when we do the release. In Spark 2.3 release, we 
backported many PRs that should not be merged to the release candidate 


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