Github user gatorsmile commented on the issue:
    > The callback works for collect in R and Scala but Python doesn't. I think 
we should at least match the behaviour. I wonder why it's hard to say a bug 
when collect is detected in some APIs but not in some APIs.
    The behavior consistency among Python/Scala/R/JAVA does not mean a bug, 
    > That's because the change was big and invasive. I wouldn't backport it 
too; however, this fix is relatively small.
    This is the reason why we did not backport that PR. We still can backport 
the minimal changes to the previous releases.
    > I think we usually use committer's judgement when we make an exception. I 
already have been seeing many backports that actually causes behaviour changes 
and I did this because it looks being backported in general. This is the reason 
why we should formally document it if this is actually the rule.
    I am not against this specific PR. All the committers need to be really 
careful when they make a decision to backport a behavior change. If any 
committer does it, we should jump in and stop the backport. This is what we 
should do.


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