Github user gatorsmile commented on the issue:
    `withCallback` was added in Spark 1.6 release Since then, my understanding 
is we never clearly define which should be part of `withCallback`. Thus, it is 
hard to say this is a bug fix. 
    We hit the similar issue in At 
that time, we did not backport the PR to the previous releases too. Thus, I do 
not think we should make an exception for this PR just because the customers of 
@HyukjinKwon hit this issue. If we make an exception, it becomes harder to 
decide which PRs are qualified for a backport. 
    We need to be very careful when backporting the PR with the behavior 
changes, especially when this is **neither a critical issue nor a regression**. 
Thus, I do not think we should backport this PR.


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