thanks for the response.

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 12:30 PM, Fred Gleason <>

> On Feb 22, 2018, at 09:17, drew Roberts <> wrote:
> This is great for some of what I do and a pain for other stuff I do. For
> the serious stuff it is great. For the more out there and experimental
> stuff, not so much. The Centos repositories that are "approved/recommended"
> for use with Rivendell lack much of what I need to easily mess around with
> things.
> Hmm. Do we need to start producing RPMs for Fedora? That way,
> experimenters would have access to a setup that includes all of the
> ‘bleeding edge’ stuff (along with the understanding that the support cycle
> is limited to the usual 6 month Fedora rotation). That could also be a
> great proving ground for Rivendell changes, before they show up in the
> ‘stable’ RHEL versions.

I am not sure that would be helpful to me.  There is a big breakdown with
me also where the Centos stuff involves income being earned and the other
stuff is for learning or fun. A 6 month cycle could remove a lot of the

So, no need to go to the trouble on my account but if others would find it
useful, I will give it a spin and see how it goes.

> Cheers!
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