Very good work..! 

Instead of using the CentOS Appliance it might be simpler on new
hardware to run Rivendell on Ubuntu or Debian OS. 

I use Debian 8 and compile it from source with a small script/listing.
My way to install on a new system ist to install from an image created
with the tool Systemback. That output is installable from any DVD /

Maybe such Iso files can be copied to the Wiki.??! 

Am 06.04.2018 18:37, schrieb Andy Higginson:

> Hi, 
> On behalf of the Rivendell Team I'm pleased to announce that the new wiki is 
> now live.  You can find it at   
> New accounts for editing and uploading content can be requested by clicking 
> on the Request Account tab at the very top right of the home page.  One of 
> the team will then be able to approve your request giving you the ability to 
> log into the site.  Unfortunately we have not been able to copy any of the 
> existing accounts from the old wiki over to the new site so you will need to 
> request a new account. 
> We would be grateful for any contributions to the content of the wiki that 
> you are able to make.  This is a shared resource for the entire community of 
> users and a place to share your tips and tricks for the benefit of other 
> users. 
> Andy   
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