Thank you Ronnie, I checked the patch and it's fine to me....not for laziness but I invite you to commit the patch yourself. I would be happy you receive a full credit and have your name in one of rivet's ChangeLog entries.

  -- Massimo

On 02/08/2018 12:24 PM, Ronnie Brunner wrote:
Hi Massimo

I did a little digging and I finally understand what’s happening and I could fix my testing problems (hopefully for good)…

1.When I ran the test, the “Running all tests against one server process.” failed to run the tests because Tcl didn’t find the librivet package and threw an error. Providing for this in my automation script solved the problem.-> I now run 130 tests J

2.While I faked TclX’s kill, I didn’t fake the wait, which is also used, but within a catch, that’s why I never noticed. And that’s why I had the timing issues: my kill just needs to properly “wait” too J

To address both (for easier handling), I propose the following changes:

for 1. I added a [puts stderr $::errorInfo] to show what goes wrong if the code provided for the test fails (this revealed the problem of the missing librivet)

for 2. I porpose to get rid of TclX by providing a “waiting” Tcl implementation using [exec kill] and [exec ps]. (Yes, not particularly portable, but I don’t think the test run under Windows anyway, do they?.) Also, you currently send a QUIT signal to apache to kill the process, this is not very reliable for me. Also the TERM signal takes 1.5 seconds on average to kill the process (in my env) sometimes over 2 seconds, that’s why some of my tests fails. I changed the signal to KILL and the suite runs much faster now.

A modified version of test/pachetest/apachetest.tcl and the corresponding patch is attached.

Last but not least, I propose to drop the module test for the prefork mpm in tests/runtests.tcl so we can test w/o modification against both mpms…

Thanks and best regards


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