What is the sane way to check the version number in preprocessor #if .... 
clauses. I looked at ap_release.h but I didn't find a macro specialized for that

 -- Massimo

Da: Georgios Petasis <petas...@yahoo.gr>
Inviato: domenica 4 febbraio 2018 14:54
A: Massimo MANGHI; Ronnie Brunner; Massimo Manghi
Cc: rivet-dev@tcl.apache.org
Oggetto: Re: Rivet 3.0.1

Dear Massimo,

According to the documentation:
API Changes in Apache HTTP Server 2.4 since 
This document describes changes to the Apache HTTPD API from version 2.2 to 
2.4, that may be of interest to module/application developers and core hacks. 
As of the ...

We should also modify rivet.c to use AP_DECLARE_MODULE instead of
"module AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA rivet_module = " we now have.
I have tried it, and there was no difference (of course we must take
care the old way is used in versions < 2.4 of apache).

I tried to run the tests, but I am missing the TclX package. Where can I
find its sources? In sourceforge?



Στις 3/2/2018 20:52, ο Massimo Manghi έγραψε:
> I've just uploaded to 
> www.rivetweb.org/~mxm/rivet<http://www.rivetweb.org/~mxm/rivet> a RC2 tar 
> archive
> with a proposed patch of the problem that made most tests fail.
> The bug has surfaced when George introduced the APLOG_USE_MODULE in
> mod_rivet.h, since also rivetlib/rivetPkgInit.c used it in order to
> get the definition of the module globals. But since the generation of
> the pkgIndex.tcl file takes place outside of mod_rivet the mk_pkgIndex
> failed for rivetlib and became impossible to mod_rivet to find the
> library. As as consequence the server failed because rivetlib is
> loaded in the process of initializing a Rivet interpreter
> Actually the introduction of the macro was correct and it's was
> librivet/rivetPkgInit.c duty to determine the ::rivet name space
> pointer in a different and sane way. This is the crux of the patch
> included in RC2
>  -- Massimo
> On 02/01/2018 01:07 PM, Ronnie Brunner wrote:
>> Hi Massimo
>> Attached the output (stout and sdterr) of running the test suite
>> (including the compilation of rivet), the error_log and access_log
>> from rivet-3.0.1/tests after running the test suite.
>> I'm running a CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core) os for these
>> tests, Tcl8.6.6 and httpd 2.4.27 with the worker mpm. The only
>> modification to runtests.tcl was to remove the prefork module check,
>> which obviously fails if you run the worker mpm.
>> Let me know if you need anything else.
>> Hth Ronnie
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