On Tue, 14 Oct 2014 12:44:09 +0200
meik michalke <meik.micha...@uni-duesseldorf.de> wrote:
> Am Montag, 6. Oktober 2014, 20:28:45 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> > - Providing better control over which plugins are active. I'm still
> > not convinced, the level of individual plugins is (typically) the
> > right granularity of control, but in fact, control should be more
> > fine-grained than  the current "official" pluginmaps, and esp. more
> > fine-grained than simply using all.pluginmap, by default.
> are there R functions yet to enable/disable plugins? you know, if
> there were, in combination with rk.list.plugins() i could simply
> write my own plugin for that control.

here you go, finally: rk.set.plugin.status(). So far, the only thing
that can be controlled is visibility. More could be added to that
interface, if there is a real need for that, but initially, this should
cover the most important bit.

So: Your turn, now ;-)

> a function which lists all meta (like <about>, <dependencies> and
> info on the menu structure) information on plugins would also be
> great, because the name alone doesn't explain so much.

rk.list.plugins() now lists a lot more information. Dependencies, and
most of about is not yet included, and I guess it does not make too
much sense to include all of this? (In fact, plugins with unmet
dependencies will not even be visible in rk.list.plugins(); users do
get a warning when loading a pluginmap with a plugin with unmet
dependencies, though). Let me know about the bits you'd like to use in
your "meta-plugin". Most should be easy enough to add.


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