On Thursday 30 October 2014 19:07:09 meik michalke wrote:
> > Let's keep it in mind for 0.6.3. (Although I'll start by working on plugin
> > i18n; that's long overdue at any rate). And when I say let's keep it in
> > mind, I mean: Do remind me!
> here's the reminder :-D

alright. Thanks (though there's still a bunch of work to do on the plugin i18n 
>  - a dedicated menu entry "manage RKWard plugins", which does not only list
>    rkward-enhacning packages for installation/updates/removal, but could
> also become the new home of the plugin administration that i s now in
> RKWards global configurtion, in a separate tab now
>    pro: you can't miss it and a lot of people will probably just try what it
> does
>    con: needs the most work.

I think this one is my favorite, perhaps with the additional checkbox from 
your first option. For the most part, this should not be _too_ hard. We 
already bring up an initialized package management dialog from "require 
(notinstalled)", for instance. Along the same lines, a "manage RKWard plugins" 
menu entry, could bring up the R package installation / updates / removal tab, 
pre-initialized to show RKWard enhancing packages, only.

Merging Settings->Configure RKWard->Plugins into a separate tab on Settings-
>Manage R packages is probably a good idea, too. But it's a different beast, 
technically, and may or may not be something to get done before 0.6.3. I'll 
have to look into this in more depth to figure out, if it is easy or hard to 

> the third option could probably integrade installation/upgrade/removal and
> the activation in one interface. with the R functions i suggested above,
> this thing could also be started as an external plugin.

Regarding the idea of managing plugins from R: I know you're eager to start on 
this, but these functions are not trivial to write. Will have to wait another 

> PS: i'd like to try and work a bit on the table export plugin someday, and
> add the CSV/CSV2/etc. default settings to it, like we already have in the
> corresponding import plugin. is that ok?

Sure! (And BTW, this plugin has not seen any "real" updates since 2005; so if 
parts of it feel a bit archaic, today, that's most certainly not by 


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