Am Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014, 21:25:28 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> > are there R functions yet to enable/disable plugins? you know, if there
> > were, in combination with rk.list.plugins() i could simply write my own
> > plugin for that control.
> > 
> > a function which lists all meta (like <about>, <dependencies> and info on
> > the menu structure) information on plugins would also be great, because
> > the
> > name alone doesn't explain so much.
> interesting idea. But no, rk.list.plugins() is the only piece of that
> picture, that exists, so far.
> Let's keep it in mind for 0.6.3. (Although I'll start by working on plugin
> i18n; that's long overdue at any rate). And when I say let's keep it in
> mind, I mean: Do remind me!

here's the reminder :-D

i will present RKWard at the university of münchen next month, and one part 
where i myself always think "this is way too complicated" is plugin 
installation. it's not so much the installatin, but finding the plugins that 
can be installed, or even find out that there is such a thing like plugins in 
the first place. if you don't know you should try the regular expression *rk.* 
in the package dialog, then you'll never stumble over our extensions.

there's several possibilities for enhancements:

 - a checkbox "show RKWard plugins only" in the package installation tab, like  
   below the regular expression input field. if checked, should only show 
   packages that have "enhances: rkward" set
   pro: should be easy to implement, small change to the current inerface
   con: you still need to know exactly where to look

 - a tab of its own, "install/update RKWard plugins" next to the one for R 
   packages. basically same functionality.
   pro: maybe a bit more obvious
   con: a bit of interface redundancy

 - a dedicated menu entry "manage RKWard plugins", which does not only list 
   rkward-enhacning packages for installation/updates/removal, but could also 
   become the new home of the plugin administration that i s now in RKWards 
   global configurtion, in a separate tab now
   pro: you can't miss it and a lot of people will probably just try what it 
   con: needs the most work.

the third option could probably integrade installation/upgrade/removal and the 
activation in one interface. with the R functions i suggested above, this 
thing could also be started as an external plugin.

viele grüße :: m.eik

PS: i'd like to try and work a bit on the table export plugin someday, and add 
the CSV/CSV2/etc. default settings to it, like we already have in the 
corresponding import plugin. is that ok?
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