Let's get things rolling. I've started filling some gaps, and adding more todo 
items to that wiki page https://community.kde.org/Incubator/Projects/Rkward . 
Separate mail on git migration to follow. 

Here's a clarification on the planned handling of "external plugins":

On Thursday 06 November 2014 23:10:33 Mario Fux wrote:
> Am Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014, 13.16:51 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> > One small exception to our move to KDE is that we intend to establish a
> > small side-kick project on github.com, as a semi-official place to develop
> > "external plugins", i.e. those that are not (or not yet) targetted to be
> > included in the official releases. This would need a separate git
> > repository in the first place, and the idea is that this is a bit "closer
> > to the R community" (but also matches well with the whole concept of
> > external plugins). Not sure, whether this would strictly fall under the
> > "continuity requirement" of KDE.org, but it certainly should not be a
> > problem to give KDE sysadmins admin access to this.
> If I understand it correctly you plan to move the source code to KDE's git
> repos and have another close/copy of the repo on github.com. I don't see a
> problem. How will you merge features? You might as well use
> reviewboard.kde.org to encourage contributions by people that don't yet have
> a KDE developer account.

Slight modification of the plan: We may or may not set up a mirror of RKWard's 
main repo on github. It's not a priority. What we do intend to do is split out 
part of what is currently kept in the project's main repo, namely "external 
plugins", and host that on github. Rationale:
- That SVN branch is not a branch in the git-sense, and will have to be split 
out into a separate repo, anyway.
- The point of this "branch" is to allow development of plugins on an 
independent schedule, by independent people, potentially for different users 
(esp. offering specialized functionality that is of interest to small groups 
of people, only), and distributed independently of the official RKWard 
- In fact, external plugins can be developped, anywhere, and to some degree 
that is happening, already. The idea of offering a semi-official repo for this 
at all is a) so RKWard developers can provide help b) identify stuff suitable 
for "incubation" more easily c) provide a ready-made area for collaboration.
- In this area we partiuclarly hope for contributions from the R community, 
and that is to be found primarily on github. Hence the plan to set up this 
side-kick project, there.
- Selected external plugins will be moved to RKWard's repo on KDE.org, if and 
when they become part of the main project.

We do plan to use reviewboard to encourage contributions to the main repo from 
anywhere. And the main repo also includes plugins, of course. The difference 
is that these are plugins included, or targetted for inclusion in the official 
releases. The external plugins-repo/project is supposed to be a place that is 
deliberately more detached from the main project.


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