2014-11-10 16:08 GMT-03:00 Thomas Friedrichsmeier
> Hi,
> On Monday 10 November 2014 15:49:30 Nicolás Alvarez wrote:
>> I was at a conference (and helping with its organization too!) this
>> whole weekend so I had no time to even read your emails. I'll take a
>> look at your conversion now.
> great, thanks!

The branch switchover seems to have been handled correctly by svn2git.
Just don't push the backup tags.

Version tags are usually called v1.2.3 in KDE, not release/v1.2.3. You
may want to change that for consistency with other KDE projects.

Note that you can use regular expressions to generalize rules. The
lack of consistency in names (or branch/foo/ vs branch/foo/rkward)
makes things harder, though. For example, you can do:

match /tags/release-(\d+\.\d+\.\d+)/rkward/
  repository rkward
  branch refs/tags/v\1
  annotated true
end match

And then add separate rules only for those without the rkward/ part.

Remember to run "git gc --aggressive" on the repository before pushing
it. svn2git produces very badly optimized git packs. Running gc can
shrink the repository by half or more.

Other than that I approve this conversion \o/


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