2014-11-10 15:37 GMT-03:00 Thomas Friedrichsmeier
> Hi all!
> So we just hit revision number 5000 in SVN, yesterday. Let's celebrate this by
> getting ready to switch to git ;-)
> As discussed, the repository is split into two (actually three, but one of
> them is just an archive of our JSS article). The main repository is at
>   g...@git.kde.org:scratch/tfry/rkward-svn-import.git
> or (anonymously) at
>   git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/tfry/rkward-svn-import.git
> A simple web view at
>   http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=scratch/tfry/rkward-svn-import.git
> Of course this is just a temporary place for the purpose of testing. Which is
> what I would like to ask you to do.
> Things look pretty good to me, but I'm no expert in looking at git branch
> visualizations, and it would really be great, if the experts (Jeremy, Nicolás)
> could give this a short look. One thing that may be particularly touchy is the
> switchover between SVN branches we did on December, 30, 2007 (SVN revs 2289
> and 2290). Here, SVN trunk was _moved_ to branches/release_branch_0.4.9/, and
> branches/KDE4_port/ was moved to trunk.
> What svn2git made of this looks pretty sane to me, but again, I'd like to be
> sure. One detail that is worrying me, here, is that svn2git deemed it
> necessary to create the two tags
>   backups/development/port_to_kde4@2290
>   (3ad98a97b114510d97061e06fbde8247453d40ee)
>   backups/master@2289
>   (bd1394fd635d0203666621955010bb7646284c15)
> These are lightweight tags and can't be pushed. Would these be important to
> keep?
> In case it is relevant, a summary of the key ingredients of the conversion:
> Getting SVN repo: rsync -av svn.code.sf.net::p/rkward/code rkwardsvn
> Conversion rules:
> http://sourceforge.net/p/rkward/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/rkward/scripts/svn2git_rules?format=raw
> The second repository is for external plugins. It is much easier, since this
> only ever was a single branch, and never had any tags. It's temporary place is
> https://github.com/tfry-git/rkward-external-plugins . Questions regarding this
> one:
> - Where exactly should this end up? I think it should be group-owned, somehow.
> - Meik, do you recall, whether there is anything left in rk.subset that we did
> not merge into the main distribution? Can this be deleted?
> - Also, Meik, could you add some README to the "stuff" directory? This is
> supposed to be the bikeshed for stuff that is not really something, but should
> not be thrown away, either?

I was at a conference (and helping with its organization too!) this
whole weekend so I had no time to even read your emails. I'll take a
look at your conversion now.

By the way, just to make sure: was your SVN repository always SVN, or
was rkward ever in CVS?


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